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De Karolientjeshoeve

Kruiskenstraat 3

9980 Sint-Laureins

tel: 09/379 04 72


New embryos on the way.

To have sufficient blood lines to our breeding program we have decided to purchase a second set of embryos in the US.

These are now ready to come and we love to give more explanation about the choices we have made.

First Combination:

Starbase Commander x Star Supreme Credit.


Star base Commander is also called "king of base" because most of his offspring have huge hornbases. With a hornspread of 183 cm he is no exceptional longhorn but that he makes amply well with his descendants.

Star Supreme Credit is an excellent cow out of the Rutledge's Dinger bull. Many of his daughters are sought afther and this certainly is one of them with a total hornmeasurement of 250 cm she is the vivid proof of what he can produce.

This combination has produced well in the past, and we have great expectations from this one.

Second Combination:

Starbase Commander x Stars Southern accent.


Stars Southern Accent is a daughter of the well-known bull GF Southbrook and also this combination delivers normal very beautiful animals. a taste you'll find here and here

Third Combination:

X-Star x Sequential Stars


X-Star is a young up and coming Bull with a three color patern and has already a horn spead of 175cm at the age of only 2,5 years. He has an above average chance to exceed the hornspread of 2 meters (80 inches).

You just have to click on the photo of the cow to be convinced of her beauty. She is a daughter of J.R. Grand Slam what clears out a lot. With a hornspread of 194.25 cm and a total Horn measurement of 255,25 cm at the age of 5 years, she belongs to the top 1% in the longhornindustry.

If you are interessted in more information about longhorns or just want to talk longhorns, just feel free to take contact with us by mail of simply give us a phonecall.